The Occultist Bible

Intended more as a reference book but I’m going to chip away at the majority of it. An almost 1000 pg. book, priceless for a student of the occult. This is essentially the occultist Bible.

Agrippa drew on the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Arabic and Jewish writers who had gone before him. The Occult Philosophy is the most complete repository of Pagan and Neoplatonic magic ever compiled. The countless references to magic in, and exhausted quotations from, classical literature lead the careful reader through the ancient world of the occult and provide the basis for what amounts to a doctoral degree in classical occultism. This book is the source, and represents the crossroads between ancient and modern worlds of magic.

Donald Tyson


An almost 700 page book with roughly 300 illustrations, a scholarly work. I got this book and his 5th edition tarot deck to help reinforce alchemical concepts and symbolism. I’m currently going through and meditating on my Knapp-Hall deck so it’ll be a while before I get to a study of Robert’s alchemy deck. The information in this book I’m sure will enhance my intuition and deepen understanding in reading the Knapp-Hall deck.